Star Trek: Prodigy Review: The Trek Universe is more accessible than ever

When the title of a new TV series starts with “Star Trek”, people naturally feel scared. The Trek franchise has a reputation for having a dense canon, which has been established for 55 years and more than 800 canon installments. It is possible to start any individual series and finally understand your direction, but unless you have absorbed the prerequisite myths directly or through cultural penetration, many of them are not very popular. Star Trek: Prodigy, The new animation series premiered on Paramount Plus on October 28, completely breaking this trend and presenting Star Trek In a brand new way, and become the easiest franchise point to enter since the JJ Abrams film restart in 2009.

most Star Trek The spin-off assumes a certain level of pre-existence in the franchise and uses their first episode not to be sold to viewers Star Trek, But to sell to them this Star Trek. They work on iteration and comparison to prove that this incarnation has enough different things.For the 1987 Next generation, The premise of doing Star Trek None of the familiar characters Kirk and Spock are novel enough to distinguish this series. Deep Space Nine with Voyager They are distinguished by their position in space, enterprise with discover Through their schedule, Picard with Lower deck Through their very different approach to heritage Next generation. Each series has developed its own identity, but each series is defined from the beginning by the relationship with the previous content.

But the double premiere child prodigy Seems completely in his own lane, refreshing, indifferent to the previous Star Trek The series lasts until two minutes before the end of the credits. The first episode of “Lost and Found” takes place on the mining colony asteroid Tars Lamora, where young prisoner Dal R’El (voiced by Brett Gray) has made countless failed escape attempts. During this opening time, we saw Dahl summon a group of enslaved workers and hijack an advanced abandoned starship buried in the crevice of the asteroid.

Anyone even vaguely familiar Star Trek It will be recognized that this ship, the USS Protostar, has all the aesthetic marks of the Starfleet ship. However, Dahl and his companions did not—in fact, they had never heard of the Starfleet or the Alliance of Planets it served. For them, this is just a way to get rid of the shackles. In fact, this is also their gateway to a diversified space utopia, which will only make the transaction sweet.They are on their own space adventure, only to find at the last minute that they are Star Trek, No matter what it is.

Image: Nickelodeon International Children’s Channel

Changing the perspective of the character from an experienced professional dealing with new wrinkles to a complete outsider learning rope is a deliberate decision by series creators Kevin and Dan Hageman (Kevin Hageman)Troll hunter, Lego Ninja: Master of Spinning), as they explained earlier this month at the New York Comic Con. Star Trek Chief tycoon Alex Kurtzman (Alex Kurtzman) asked them to design an entry point through which young and inexperienced audiences can enter Star Trek, And the best way to determine is through the role you introduce yourself.

explore Star Trek With a guide, it’s usually easier for Canon, and the crew of Protostar also has one of their own—similar to Star Trek: VoyagerCaptain Catherine Jennifer (played by Kate Muglu). Introduced at the end of “Lost and Found”, Hologram Janeway is the only element that places the episode in a specific place or time. Star Trek universe.

child prodigy There are some other looser connections to the franchise past.The three members of the main ensemble represent the previous race Star Trek It works, but each one is more vague than the previous one. Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzoukas) is a Terrarate, the most difficult to identify among the four founding species of the Federation (along with humans, Vulcans, and the blue Antorians with tentacles). Zero (Angus Imri) is a Medusa, an immaterial entity. People have never heard of them since the episode where they were introduced in 1968. Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui) is a kind of Brikar, the species originated from Peter David’s collocation novels in the 1990s and has never appeared on the screen before.Since even established legends stand out from obscurity, “Lost and Found” is their first audience Star Trek Did not miss anything. At least for now, pure wool Trekkies have almost no advantage over new children.

This distance is larger Star Trek The universe will not last, nor is it intentional.The Hagermans Has shown Protostar’s courses will bring them closer to the federal space, and over time, they will encounter more familiar roles and cultures. This does not necessarily make the series less approachable to new audiences. With the young crew coming in from the suburbs, I hope the new fans will gradually adapt.Success means that young viewers can explore a broader field Star Trek Library and child prodigy As their compass, not their homework agenda.

First episode Star Trek: Prodigy The first season of 10 episodes is now available on Paramount Plus, and the new episode will be broadcast on Thursday.