Star Wars Eclipse, Alan Wake 2 and the reaction to the 2021 Game Awards | GI Show

This week’s audience question was another question. The panel answered the following questions: which games made them cry, what is their biggest award, and what their GOTY will ultimately be in 2022!

Read the questions below, or submit your own questions through the official Game informant Community discord or send us an email via [email protected]:

Can you remember the biggest game award neglect that was frustrated? We all know that the award ceremony is bs, but we always listen to it because we care. I will never forget that rdr2 won the legal disappointment with the best scores/music against God of War, Spider-Man, Azure Star, Ni No Kuni 2 and Octopath Traveler. I like rdr2 but there is no way to have a better soundtrack than those games-Leafeon (Discord)

First of all, I just want to say that I have been a listener for many years, and I really like this show recently! The entire staff is full of energy, and I like to hear you hang out. In a recent episode, Alex mentioned becoming crying at the end of the scene before your eyes, which reminds me of all the time that games have choked me over the years. What specific dialogue lines in the game “tip the water plant” for you (or at least make the room dusty)? -Nathan Kasten (email)

GI Crew, among all the games you know about to be launched next year, what do you want your best game of the year to be? -SavoyPrime (Disharmony)