Star Wars: Hunter gameplay during the Apple event

“Star Wars: The Hunter” was first announced for Switch during Nintendo Direct in February, but it will also be available on Android and iOS. Today’s Apple Event provided an unexpected stage, showing the gameplay of free competitive action games for the first time. We also saw a new movie trailer, which provides a nice setting for the hunter’s premise.

Let’s start with the fancy trailer, which depicts the chaotic melee between Sith warriors, bounty hunters, Wookiees, robot Jedi, Javas and others. These hunters engage in team battles in the arena on the planet Vespala.We don’t know anything about these characters, but the hunter’s story takes place after the fall of the empire Return of the Jedi And before The Force Awakens.

Although the movie is clear, today’s Apple Event provides a brief introduction to the actual gameplay. The short video you can watch in the tweet embedded below shows a character wielding a red lightsaber in third-person, over-the-shoulder melee combat. This avatar cut through Wookiee’s opponent (presumably another human player), including throwing her lightsaber. It looks absolutely in line with your expectations for a free action game, but we still don’t know much about the mode and progression of Hunters multiplayer games.

“Star Wars: The Hunter” was developed by Zynga, and there is no release date yet, but it is now scheduled to launch sometime in 2022 after it was announced this year. You can now pre-register the game to unlock exclusive (and unspecified) in-game content.

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