Star Wars: Hunter gets movie trailer and 2022 release window

A new trailer Star Wars: Hunter Has been released, showcasing more games and the two roles you will play together.

These characters are two Jawamen who are co-branded with Utooni. They are “shovelers with hidden firepower”. As you can see, one person is sitting on the shoulder of another person.

The Jawa is a short sentient humanoid creature native to the outer desert world of Tatooine.

Other characters shown in the trailer include Reeve the Sith warrior, Arantar the Mandalorian, Sling Shot, the sentient humanoid pig known as Ugnaught, the robot J-3D1, Wookey Gross, Zaina, Yi Mara Vex and the stormtrooper.

In the new trailer, it also states that the game has been moved to 2022. It was initially scheduled to be released sometime this year.

“Star Wars: The Hunter” takes place in the timeline between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens” and was announced during the Nintendo Direct in February. This is a squad-based online multiplayer game where you can use the brand-new “Star Wars” characters to form a team.

Once you fill up your team, you will fight against other teams in the arena according to various Star Wars settings.

The arena fighting game developed by Zynga and Lucasfilm Games will be free to download for Nintendo Switch and does not require a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

It will also be released through the App Store and Google Play.