Star Wars: The Old Republic is testing a “battle style” makeover

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the release of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and the release of the “Legacy of the Sith” expansion pack, one of the elements of the plug-in is being tested on public test servers. In addition to the new storyline, “Legacy of the Sith” also adds a fighting style, allowing players to choose the abilities of different professions.

Previously, you could choose one of two high-level classes at level 10-for example, an empire agent could choose a sniper or an agent. In the new system, the character will have a first-level combat style chosen from a wider variety. The empire agent cannot choose a combat style based on troops, but can choose any style of blasting based on technology: vanguard, commando, power technology, mercenary, villain or gunner, as well as sniper and operation. The choice of Force holders will be limited by their factions, but they can eventually unlock various opposing powers through enough points on the light side or the dark side.