Star Wars: Vision Review: Prove that Star Wars does not need Luke Skywalker

Star Wars: Phantom, The first original anime series Disney Plus, To make the Star Wars series complete loop through the medium of Japanese animation.For a series that originated from George Lucas’ love of Akira Kurosawa, and Period drama (“Time Drama”) The idea of ​​a movie, an anthology of Star Wars anime feels as natural as the Force itself.

“We always thought that anime vernacular would work well with Star Wars […] But if you think about Star Wars five or six years ago, we would be in a very different place.” Vision Executive producer James Waugh told Polygon. “We are re-launching a franchise in a very large way. It is driven by functionality.” It wasn’t until Disney’s library had a streaming home that a potential Star Wars anime project finally gained a foothold. “I don’t think that before Disney Plus, a series of shorts was really purposeful,” he said.

Star Wars: Phantom Make a tempting promise: gather some of the most exciting talents in modern animation-including Hiroyuki Imaishi (Proma), Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Independent Complex), Eunyoung Choi (Hippocampus, Ping pong animation), Masahiko Otsuka (FLCL, Glenn Lagan)-And allow them to tell their stories freely in the Star Wars universe, damn it.In addition to providing thrilling action, the resulting nine shorts are the clearest torture of the soul of Star Wars since 2017 The last jedi.

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In its 44-year history, Star Wars has produced more branches and derivative products than clone soldiers in Camino. But since the acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, the new regime of Disney and Lucasfilm has been working hard to define the definition of Star Wars, let alone expand it. This struggle is most evident in the troubled production and casual acceptance. Rogue One with soloThe audience wants more Star Wars stories, but the meaning of “More Star Wars” has never been as clear as the Marvel Studios equation. In general, the definition of the series is the same as its portraits, but also based on its unified hope, persistence, family love, and courage to face temptation and self-doubt.

Although these core principles have not been questioned more or less by the fan base, the details of the stories embodied in these themes can cause controversy. There is a group of fans who just want a new story with Luke, Leia and Han Solo as the protagonists. If not, then the story intersects or approaches the established legend of the Skywalker legend.Even Jon Feiru’s Space West TV series Mandoro, Began as a plot story, focusing on brand new roles in the franchise, inevitably including Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett in the second season.

Others believe that the future of the Star Wars universe is on the verge of unknown and unfamiliar. The story features new characters, and their arc elaborates and analyzes the basic elements of the series. Many of these people are involved in “Star Wars” today. The driving force of Lucasfilm’s High Republic publishing plan is to open up a space on the Galactic Timeline that can be completely original without the burden of being connected to the core story. After the aforementioned sequel trilogy, how long and troubled the debate between these two thought camps is, it seems that the only thing anyone can agree on is that lightsabers are cool.

Tajin and The Elder face off in the scene of the

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Every period Star Wars: Phantom Splitting the differences between these extreme interpretations of franchise rights, the story told is deeply rooted in the conventions of anime narrative and the animation principles of Star Wars itself. Takanobu Mizuno’s “Duel” feels like Kurosawa’s classic Star Wars standoff Yang Jinbao, Is characterized by the dumb protagonist who has suspicious loyalty to the light or dark side, but is a firm moral code in protecting a small village from the attack of Sith subordinate predators. Everything you want in the Star Wars battle is here, from the dazzling choreography and scene transitions to the dreamy “oh damn” moments, just like Darth Moore in the form of the lightsaber umbrella of the Sith Bandit Leader The double lightsaber on display is the same. Although the short film hits the beat of the Star Wars lightsaber duel, the exception is that the protagonist and his opponent do not fit the description that people usually define as a Star Wars “hero”. The protagonist, referred to as “ronin” for short, is not a Jedi knight, but a former Sith knight wielding a red lightsaber. The question about why they wanted to hunt the Sith robbers and collect the red Camber crystals was never answered in the short film itself, but inspired the audience to consider the alternative motivations of the Force users, beyond what we have determined to be “good” or “good” “The prototype dichotomy.” “evil.”

Ronin (voiced by Masaki Japanese Temple Ma, English dubbed by Brian Tee) draws his lightsaber in a scene in the

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Hiroyuki Imaishi’s “The Twins” centered on Karre and Am. These two siblings were genetically modified from the Empire. Their relationship reflects the relationship between Luke and Leia, but their differences and the resulting conflict are reminiscent of Rey and Kylo Ren.Their climax confrontation is the kind of explosive, the extremism you expect from the director Glenn Lagan with Proma, Only presented through the visual language of Star Wars.Really, only Imaishi can find a way to restore Holdo’s movements The last jediThe armor design of these two characters is reminiscent of Da Svader, which is undoubtedly the most iconic character in the entire series. new Hope.

But for all the invocations of the classic “light and dark” struggle, the “twins” are ultimately an inversion, focusing on the conflict of conscience within the dark side, and presenting it in a visual style, making this interpretation feel bold and exciting. The outcome shows that destiny is not only a matter of choice but also an environmental issue. A person does not necessarily need to be consistent with the bright side of the Force in order to do the right thing.

For every familiar story beat in the nine short films, there will be an unprecedented and exciting turning point. Elsewhere in the Star Wars media, you can find a bunny girl who wields a lightsaber to save an adopted family, citing the concept of the sequel trilogy, that you don’t have to be the “chosen person” to defend and save your loved one. Those ones? Or is it a former apprentice who eventually went into hiding as the lead singer of an interstellar rock band that repeats the series’ recurring family trope, feeling distilled from the early scenes of Luke, Leia, and Han meeting for the first time?

In “T0-B1”, a boy robot fights the Sith Inquisitor to avenge his creator.Anime fans may see it as an improvisation from opponent Tsuka Osamu Astro Boy. But it still draws inspiration from Star Wars and believes that the Force is a force that exists in all living things, whether organic or inorganic. Each short film is different in its own visual style and storyline, and each short film has a deep understanding and understanding of the core principles that make the series surpass Luke Skywalker and his associates.

T0-B1 (voiced by Masako Nozawa of Japan and Jaden Waldman dubbed in English) stood out from his mold in the scene of the

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On a broader level, Vision The shorts are in sync with the ending of the George Lucas movie and the Disney sequel trilogy, because nothing is over.Like the last luke new Hope Or at the end of Rey The Force AwakensThe story of each anime director is actually like the first chapter of their own legend. Although the lightsaber and the Force Force and the image of the interstellar destroyer entering the superluminal thruster are the basic touchstones of the visual language of “Star Wars”, the more important thing about the universe-especially the story told in it-is that regardless of the outcome In any battle between the Jedi and the Sith, between the bright side and the dark side of the Force, one can deeply feel the past, the universe will endure forever, and the future will remain unchanged.This is why The rise of Skywalker, A movie that attempts to create a pleasing and nostalgic ending, feels like a creative dead end for the role of the trilogy itself. Star Wars is more important than the legacy of Luke or Anakin Skywalker; bigger than Leia or Han Solo; bigger than Rey or Kyloren. Star Wars: Phantom Support the idea that heroes are scattered throughout the galaxy.

While allowing Japanese anime directors to imagine a new corner of the Star Wars universe, Star Wars: Phantom It provides a clearer path forward for open franchising: beyond the call of dullness and literalism, enter the beginning of the series, and enter the strange, new and bold story. The power of this series is greater than any family lineage.

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