Stardew but potions game Little Witch in the Woods is now in early access

The Witch shop life sim (no, not that, not this) Little Witch in the Forest entered Steam Early Access this week, and it looks like it’s already catching on for players. This small community and crafting sim asks Ellie, an apprentice witch, to collect items around the forest while helping the local community. As expected, the Stardew-but-little-witch concept seems to be quite popular so far in the first few days of Early Access.

As Ellie, you team up with a talking witch hat named Virgil and are sent to live in a tiny house in the woods. Thankfully, there are no dead relatives to use as the basis for this plot, as Sims are used to doing. Instead, apprentice witches usually do some field work, honing their craft and supporting nearby villages until they can become a full-time witch.