Starfield feels like a “Han Solo simulator” aiming for “Skyrimin space”

Bethesda The future blockbuster RPG is StarfieldBecomes “like Skyrim in space” and describes the game as “Han Solo Simulator”.

Starfield’s first trailer and release date information was revealed at the Xbox and Bethesda meeting at E3 2021 yesterday, but since the showcase ended, we’ve learned some more tasty information about the game. ..

In an interview with Washington postAshely Cheng, managing director of Bethesda, has breadcrumbed a few bytes of intriguing information to players who want to know more about mysterious space RPGs.

“For me, Starfield is a Han Solo simulator. Get on a boat, explore the galaxy, and have fun,” he told the site.

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Todd Howard, who looks exactly like everyone’s favorite Bill From Pokemon, added a little more flavor in the interview. Telegraph.. He said the game was like “NASA meets Indiana Jones and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” and titled it (probably as expected) “like the Skyrim of the Universe.” It is expressed as “things”.

The story, set hundreds of years ago, is about hope and what humanity can do after being liberated from the boundaries of the earth.

“It’s like Skyrim in terms of the structure of the game, it makes you the person you want to be, and there are different factions you can join, and it actually paves the way for you.”

Returning to the Washington Post, Howard gave a little more insight into how the tone and gameplay of the project came about. “At first I had a hard time finding Starfield’s identity,” he explains. “We knew the style of the game we wanted. But with so much sci-fi, we didn’t have the mood of this existing franchise. We had to create it from scratch. The spaceship What does it look like? What is your skill level? What do people believe in? How many years will it really be? “

Starfield was unveiled at Bethesda’s E3 2018 showcase. This is the proper look I’ve seen in this game for the first time in three years.

Starfield will be available on November 11, 2022 and will only be available on Xbox and PC.