Starfield: release date, trailers, exclusivity, gameplay, and more

Starfield promises a fun space expedition to “answer man’s greatest mysteries”. This space meets sci-fi RPG comes from Bethesda, the same creator as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, as its first new IP in 25 years.

Naturally, Bethesda fans were excited. It doesn’t even matter that Starfield is still a mystery. This is clearly “role-playing game hardcore,” which is indeed what it says after Skyrim. However, as Bethesda releases news bytes everywhere, the available information is pieced together into a more cohesive picture of the story and gameplay.

Here’s everything you need to know about Starfield, including all the recent news and leaks.

Starfield release date

Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022, for Xbox Series X|S and PC. So even though Bethesda has set a release date ahead of time, fans still have a pretty long wait.

Microsoft first teased Starfield at E3 2018, then kept mum until it released a new trailer and an exact release date at E3 2021. Starfield is currently slated for release before The Elder Scrolls 6.

Is Starfield exclusive to Xbox?

Starfield is indeed an Xbox exclusive — or more specifically, only PC and Xbox Series X|S.Microsoft has confirmed plans to allow Xbox One players to play games in the following ways Xbox cloud gamingIn the early days of pre-production, there seemed to be hope for a multi-platform release, despite reports that Starfield would not be coming to the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, official sources have confirmed the rumor that Starfield will only be an Xbox exclusive.

In the year and a half since announcing and releasing the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft has been doubling down on its efforts to promote Xbox Game Pass. One way to add value to a service is through exclusivity, and acquiring an award-winning studio like Bethesda helps to do that. So it’s no surprise that Starfield is coming out as an Xbox exclusive.

Sony fans aren’t happy with Bethesda’s release of Microsoft exclusives. Bethesda vice president Pete Hines seemed sympathetic, saying he apologized but could do nothing about it. On the plus side, Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard said it’s “hard to imagine” The Elder Scrolls 6 being exclusive — but these things can change. All of Bethesda’s contracts with rivals such as Sony for Deathloop also remain unchanged.

Star Pre-Order

In the US, GameStop is Starfield Pre-Order $69.99. As of this writing, no other pre-orders are available.

In the UK, standard Starfield pre-orders are available at Game and Base. The Collector’s Edition has not yet been announced.

Remember: Xbox Game Pass members don’t need to pre-order. Microsoft has been promoting its Game Pass subscriptions, which seem to be an increasingly valuable deal for many of the games you can download on your Xbox or PC. Starfield is a confirmed day one Xbox Game Pass gamewhich means that subscribers only need to have Xbox Game Pass to access it from launch day.

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starry sky gameplay

At the time of writing, Starfield doesn’t have much information about its gameplay aside from a few hints from studio an interview Washington post, which Starfield director Todd Howard summed up as “Skyrim in Space.” Ashley Cheng, managing director of Bethesda, calls it the “Han Solo Simulator.” The game’s lead artist, Istvan Pely, apparently refers to the game’s aesthetic as “NASA punk.” So, at the very least, it hints at a sprawling space adventure with a gritty futuristic overlay.

A sort of Notes on game sites Inviting players to “create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom” Character customization and open world elements Promote in-game.

in an interview The Telegraph, Howard emphasized Starfield’s degrees of freedom. “We like to put you in a world where we don’t drag your nose and say you have to do X, Y and Z,” he said. So this could point to a non-linear progression similar to that seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – or maybe just the little details hidden behind various parts of the world.

Howard also explained that Starfield offers more character customization than any other RPG from Bethesda, even allowing players to choose their background.The protagonist, who appears to be the astronaut in the trailer, is affiliated with a Constellation. However, players can change factions during the game. Other alien races also appeared.

“You know, can I read this book? Can I pick up this? Can I do this? What if I do? What if I do? Games often say ‘yes,'” Howard said of Starfield time said.

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