Starting from Frankenstein’s monster, Universal’s classic monster is about to land in Fortnite

Epic game According to reports, some classic and iconic monsters from Universal Studios will come to Fortnite.

Epic announced the news today, revealing that the first monster icon to join Battle Royale will be Frankenstein’s monster. Throughout the month, more monsters will be added to the item store, but Epic only revealed one player can expect: the mummy (no, not the one that Brendan Fraser fought, unfortunately).

The mummy is also special because not only can the skin be purchased in the item store, but the mummy will also be hobbled on Battle Royale Island as a character trying to return to the underworld later this month.

These monsters were added to the game as part of this year’s Fortnitemares 2021 event, which will transform the game in many ways during Halloween. In addition to general monsters, Fortnitemares 2021 will also bring new Halloween costumes and old costumes from previous events.

Although Frankenstein and the Mummy are not yet available for purchase, the Boxy and Boxer skins inspired by the community are now in the item store. Each has an alternative Spectral Style version that will also shine in the game.

In the Fortnitemares 2021 event, skins are not the only content of Fortnite. According to Epic, Cubes is preparing to take over the island this month.

“Later this month, they will upgrade their rule of the island,” Epi​​c’s Fortnitemares 2021 Blog post Say. “But rest assured! Use new weapons from The Sideways and returning Halloween tricks to boost your resolve. A special LTM will also return. In this cubic chaos, there will be tasks that need to be completed to earn creepy rewards. ”

During Fortnitemares 2021, the twin demon hunters shown in the picture below will appear on the map, which will help fight the Rubik’s Cube.

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