Starting tomorrow, Riders Republic can play for 24 hours for free

If you expect Cavaliers Republic, And you missed the most recent beta, you will have the opportunity to play one more time before the game is released. Ubisoft announced a one-day free trial for online sports games.

The trial version is only available on the PC through the company’s Ubisoft Connect (Uplay) application.It starts on Tuesday, October 12 12 a.m. Pacific time, 3 a.m. EST, 8 a.m. UK And it goes offline at the same time on Wednesday. You can preload it from now on.

The Riders Republic trial version includes access to all five occupations of the game, as well as all four multiplayer game modes. The tutorial has been disabled, allowing you to quickly enter the operation, and you will be able to jump into any activity in PvP alone or with others.

This is the game you can look forward to.

  1. Mass competition: Three different multisport competitions with more than 50 players. New races randomly appear on the map every 30 minutes.
  2. Battle mode: Participate with five friends in any professional activity to see who is the best.
  3. War of tricks: Compete in 6v6 duels and try to use as many techniques as possible on various modules to catch them and earn points. The team with the highest score wins.
  4. Free for everyone: Challenge up to 11 opponents and show them how they did it through a select playlist of events.

Tom played the core loop and process of Riders Republic at E3 in the summer. In case you missed it, Ubisoft recently revealed everything in the first year of the game.

Riders Republic was launched on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia on October 28.