Static: Season 1 creators discuss character renewal at DC Comics

If Static: Season 1 Creators Vita Ayala and Nikolas Draper-Ivey are totally disappointed with the expected burden of renewing their classic characters, but they certainly don’t show it. The first issue of the new series, premiered today, features a whole new incarnation of the iconic milestone superhero. This is a rethink of Virgil Hawkins in a modern setting.

“I wanted to take him a bit and put him in our context,” Ayala told Polygon at a roundtable last weekend. “What do you mean by such a character? A little annoying, but in a cute way. A really really smart black kid in 2021. How to survive, maintain that optimism, and such a heroic Do you keep the nature? “For Ayala, the qualities that define the hero of Virgil see the havoc caused as a result of the big bang and are feared by it, but nevertheless do things for his community. His ability to decide to make it better. “This is not a higher floor, I’m going to save the earth,that is, Save the block.. It was important to me to bring it into the context of a more modern era. ”

“We are working very hard to provide something that fans are familiar with,” said Draper-Ivey, the series’ colorist and character designer, bringing Static to a new generation of comic readers. I mentioned the challenges. “But then the point comes to realize that you’re telling another story and doing your own thing, yes, you’re not your predecessor. You have to respect them. You have to, but in the end, you have to try to make it your own, so I think that’s what we’re trying to focus on. “

Image: Vita Ayala, Chriscross, Nikolas Draper-Ivey / DC Comics

Static: Season 1 # 1 After the Milestone Returns # 0 event, Virgil witnessed a chemical war attack by Dakota police in response to the Black Lives Matter protest, resulting in the deaths of dozens of horrific civilians, known as the Big Bang. Caused the metahuman generation phenomenon. .. Following the aftermath of the Big Bang, Virgil suffered from the internal and external consequences of the event, was endowed with enormous electromagnetic power, and was deeply shaken by the violence he saw directly.

“”[What] What I wanted to convey was that even if you survived a large trauma or something happening in your community, it would affect you, “Ayala told Polygon. “I can’t escape it. Look at them. Even if Virgil was there and didn’t get the psychic powers from seeing what he saw, it changed him. [his family]He was the only one there. That’s the impact these events have on our community. ”

As long as Ayala and Draper-Ivey are given the creative space and freedom to explore these new dimensions of the Virgil character, the pair is encouraged to work with members of the original milestone creative team. Say there is.

“It’s an incredibly supportive environment,” says Ayala. “I’m comfortable going. In fact, based on how I set this up, I think this will probably happen.” And all the discussions I had with people It was incredible from the perspective of both those working statically and those working on other books. It was really, really incredible. I feel like I know both as a fanboy and as a companion. The discussion is very honest and supportive. “

The exchange of Virgil and Hot Streak will hit Static: Season 1 # 1.

Image: Vita Ayala, Chriscross, Nikolas Draper-Ivey / DC Comics

Until Static: Season 1 Should be considered a complete reboot. Or, whether or not there are adversaries popular with fans like Blood Syndicate, Ayala asserts that the focus of this new series is on how this Virgil incarnation matures into a hero. Did. Fans know that they are static.

“The goal of this first arc is to make him static,” says Ayala. “And that’s what we usually meet when he already understands something, as you know. They play with stories or play stories based on our own sensibilities, It feels like it has given us a lot of freedom to do a lot of things that feel just right, so even if it doesn’t, let’s take a strict reboot or something earlier. But I think that would be a whole new way. “

Static: Season 1 It is only the first of the future activation of DC in the Milestone Universe. Alongside the Ayala and Draper-Ivey series, Icon and rocket And hardwareThe two pillars of the original milestone lineup, have also received the first new series since the 90’s.The creative team behind writer Brandon Thomas and illustrators Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz. Hardware: Season 1, Digital purchases will be available on August 15th, while writers Reginald Hudlin and Leon Chills and illustrator Doug Braithwaite are in charge. Icons and Rockets: Season 1, Available digitally on July 27th.

Static season 1 # 1 Available for purchase At today’s store.