Steam breaks through 27 million concurrent users and sets a new record

After breaking through 26 million concurrency in April, Steam has now set a new record. There are 27,384,959 accounts logged into Valve’s launcher at the same time. According to statistics Steam databaseAmong them, 7.8 million people were in the game at that time, which was lower than the record of 8.1 million in March 2020, but there are still many people playing CS:GO.

Thanksgiving weekend will definitely help increase the numbers, because Americans provide seasonal technical support for their families, opening up computers that have been idle for months in someone’s study or elsewhere while Steam automatically logs in. The same goes for Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday sales, all of these people buy Cyberpunk 2077 at half price and then leave “very positive” user reviews. (It is still the world’s top seller on Steam, with 22,579 comments recently received, of which 84% are positive.)