Steam Deck is available for 80 of the top 100 games on Steam

The “PC in the Pocket” that Valve is looking forward to Steam deck Now compatible with 80 of Steam’s 100 most popular games. In a new analysis by ProtonDB, a community that takes time to test Linux game compatibility, it is reported that 80% of Steam’s top 100 games are running on the system with minor adjustments.

How do they know? Although Steam Deck has not yet been released, it utilizes the Proton compatibility layer, which also provides support for Linux SteamOS on Steam Deck. Although there are a large number of impressive games that seem to be ready for the Steam platform, because Proton does not play well with many of the hottest games of anti-cheat services, the top 10 hot games on Steam such as PUBG, Destiny 2, Apex Legends and Halo Infinite is currently not compatible.

Due to the great success of the initial pre-order period of Steam Deck, Valve revealed that it is now rethinking its software strategy. Before the company prepares to develop new games, it has placed the software in a secondary position and shifted its focus to the Steam platform to ensure that the platform is released as smoothly as possible. Although Steam decks will be released without an exclusive, the huge Steam library with 18 years of history ensures that early adopters will have enough game time on the release day.

However, given the chip shortage and other problems caused by the continuing pandemic, many people suspect that Steam’s hybrid devices will become a new release window. The Steam Deck was recently postponed to February 2022.However, in a recent interview Computer game player, The creator Valve said that despite the shortage of chips, it is still confident that handheld devices will become its release window. “We do feel that we are preparing for (the February release)-we are still frustrated because we have to move from the end of this year to the beginning of next year.”