Steam Deck postponed to February 2022 due to “material shortage”

If you want to see all Steam deck The fuss is in 2021, and you will be unlucky: Valve announced that it will no longer launch a portable gaming PC this year, but will start shipping February 2022.

Even if you rushed to go online earlier this year and managed to get a pre-order for the highly sought-after Valve small handheld computer, you will have to wait until 2022 to actually get access to the device.

Then, your Christmas may be quieter, because the machine should start shipping in December. If you want to blame things for disrupting the holidays, blame them on the ongoing global supply chain crisis.

“We apologize for this-we have done our best to solve the problem of the global supply chain, but due to material shortages, the components did not arrive at our manufacturing plant in time and could not meet our initial release date,” Valve explained in the blog post.

It seems that those who ordered the console in the earliest window (they will receive it in December) are now seeing shipment estimates for the first quarter of 2022, while later consumers see the second in 2022 Estimated quarterly shipments. So all this is a bit confusing. This may be because Valve is still quite uncertain about the logistics of assembling the components together.

“Although we do our best to solve global supply chain issues (we mean we considered extra time to resolve these risks and work with multiple component suppliers), our manufacturing plans are still affected,” Valve explained. “Material shortages and delays mean that components cannot reach our manufacturing plants on time. The lack of parts and logistical challenges mean that Steam Decks is delayed, so we need to postpone the delivery time by two months to February.”

And just because you received the order does not necessarily mean that you will get the console. Valve stated that it intends to “make every effort to convert all reservations into orders,” but the company “cannot guarantee availability.”

At least, when the console comes up, it will be great. Valve hasn’t seen games that Steam Deck can’t handle, and recently showed that it can run “The Witcher 3” smoothly. Valve is still reviewing the entire Steam library to ensure compatibility with the Steam platform