Steam has banned all blockchain games and NFTs

Valve has been added A new rule Go to Steam’s entry page, which basically prohibits the sale of games using blockchain technology on its platform.

new rule Noticed by SpacePirate Games Game development Age of Rust. This particular game utilizes blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT) (thanks, Xinwen).

NFTs are non-interchangeable data units that can be used to represent items that are easy to copy. Such items include photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. NFT uses blockchain technology to establish a verified proof of ownership and acts in a manner similar to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The difference is that each NFT may represent different assets and different values.

In the case of Ages of Rust, the game runs on the Enjin platform, and players need to download the Enjin wallet to play. After installation, users can link their wallets to the game to verify the ownership of game items and allow them to easily view, sell, trade, and purchase game items. Items are obtained through puzzles, and some of them will be awarded with NFTs as achievements.

Game developers believe that Steam is delisting such games because the items that can be sold “have value”, and Valve does not allow “items with actual value on its platform.” The developer stated that it believes that NFT and blockchain games are “the future” and has been cooperating with Valve on blockchain games and NFT from the beginning.

“As a result, we eventually lost the battle with Steam,” the developer said. “Although I am disappointed with the removal of The Age of Rust, more importantly, the blockchain game as a whole will be removed. This is a setback for everyone.”

Although Valve has not yet commented publicly on this matter, Epic Games seems to be disappointed with games that use blockchain technology and NFT.

In response to Valve’s new decision, Epic CEO and co-founder Tim Sweeney tweeted The company’s Epic Games Store will be open to blockchain-based games.

“The Epic Games Store will welcome games that use blockchain technology, provided they comply with relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-graded by the appropriate group,” Sweeney said. “Although Epic does not use encryption in our games, we welcome innovation in technology and finance.

“As a technology, the blockchain is just a distributed transaction database with a decentralized business model that can incentivize hardware investment to expand the capacity of the database. No matter whether its specific use is successful or not, it is practical.”

Sweeny’s comment was a turning point Last month he said that Epic will not be exposed to NFT Because “in general, the field is currently entangled with difficult scams, interesting decentralized technology foundations and scams.”