Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition – Here are just some of the demos available

steam next festival Beginning earlier this week, there are tons of standalone demos available for you to download and play.

The Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition will run until February 28th, and in addition to the demos, the developers are participating in livestreams discussing their upcoming releases.

There are also chats with the developers themselves, which will continue for a while.

There will be demos available for titles such as flight of novaa flight simulation in which you pilot a spacecraft according to the laws of physics; a puppet survival horror game from DreadXP my friendly neighbor; retro action RPG Soul Warrior; side scrolling adventure little orpheus From the Chinese Room; Cozy Organization Puzzle Game a little to the left; and creepy adventure games lighthouse pine.

Have a tabletop RPG experience Demo: PC version; Casual survival sandbox game Ordovan; cool country simulation game Wandering Village; Mining Sandbox Adventure core guardian; Multiplayer tactical space shooter boundary; Bullet Hell FPS skeiser; food truck simulator; Fast turn-based strategy RPG with real-time combat hero moment; and atmospheric vehicular adventures Far: tidal changes.

If you want to try survival colony game Occupy Marsyou can; there are civil war real-time combat games freedom battle cry; you can defeat the hero by playing as a monster Monster Field; Solve disturbing cases in a story-driven mystery simulator Autopsy Simulator; You can hunt down rogue AI in cyberpunk FPS turbo; Play former PlayStation exclusives where does the heart lead; Demonstration of Sim Strategy City Builder Celestial Empire Available; you can also try the single-player speedrun FPS neon white; and hand drawn adventure games card shark.

Traces of Ayashi is an open world game focusing on the indigenous peoples of the pre-Columbian era and their myths; boundary is an FPS astronaut game; you can try the gothic multiplayer platform brawler Skeleton Crew; Crossfire: Legion is a real-time strategy game from the developers of Homeworld 3; there are god games God’s destiny; you can bring destroyed buildings back to life WWII rebuilders; Dive into harrowing ocean depths and unravel long-forgotten mysteries silt; you can try rematere egypt city builder Pharaoh: New Age.

You can also access free demos of these cool looking games: TFM: first person,Conan Grilled Grill, Bystander 3, Lost in Gensokyo, farewell to the north, super cat, little sagaand Potion Tycoon.

It’s not even half. So, hop on Steam and download some trial versions. You never know when you’ll find your favorite game.