Steam Next Fest: October edition-here are just samples of available demos

Steam next superstar Starting yesterday, there are hundreds of independent demos available for download and play.

Steam Next Fest: The October 2021 version will last until October 7. In addition to the demo, developers will also participate in a live broadcast to discuss their upcoming version.

There will also be chats with developers, which will last the entire week.

Games such as real-time strategy games will provide demos Starship Troopers-Terran Command; Virtual hobby simulator Model builder; Click-through psychological horror detective game Saint kotar; Retro arcade adventure of the 90s Arcade heaven; The first playable demo of a first-person psychological thriller game Martha is dead; Sandbox puzzle game transaction hour; Action game with bullets Death Run TV.

There is a twisted agricultural action role-playing game Monster harvest; Central American style platform game Itola; Mysterious mystery based on plants Exotic gardening; Hacker role-playing game Midnight agreement; Puzzle Adventure Title God Killer: Chapter 1; And SockMonkey Studios’ arena shooting game, Fish tank.

If you want to try 2D platform games Alex Kidd in Wonder World DX, You can; there is a class-based cooperative RTS Dwarf Heim; Horror punk action role-playing game Morbidity: Seven Acolytes; Earthquake meets Rocket League champion QFIELD; Narrative experience Attendant; Arctic Circle, A puzzle game with the North Pole as the background; and Roguelite turn-based RPG Trinity prototype.

Follow-up work on the popular Himno is underway, you can try to demonstrate Himno-silent melody Today; Annapurna Interactive’s upcoming story building puzzle game Storyteller Can try; just in time for this season is a spooky Halloween theme party game Super monster party; Detective reasoning game Burst Island There is a demo; you can play as a cyber warrior in a side-scrolling action Blind Destiny: Night of Edo; Then comes the new turn-based tactical role-playing game Urban strifeFrom a former Ubisoft developer.

You can also access free demos of these cool-looking games: Them and us, Tower RTS, Splash car, Peace, death 2, Rain silk, Deep space gardening, Short, Alien dawn, Strauhart, Dark Crypt, Pursue the light, Jarnosix 2.

And this is even less than half. So, jump on Steam and download some trial versions. You never know when you can find your next favorite game.