Steam World series turned to 3D through Headhunter

For the first time, Thunderful Games released detailed information about the latest works in the critically acclaimed SteamWorld series. Steam World Headhunting, In its Thunderful World event, a trailer is attached to show how SteamWorld’s artistic style is transformed into three dimensions.

The premiere of SteamWorld Headhunter, known as a third-person cooperative adventure, is simple in details, but it does hint at the direction of the gameplay in the trailer. The short video depicts two robots having a showdown at noon. When one robot shoots another and they go to check the body, the head is missing. The last shot was the same head jumping towards another robot on four spider-like leg attachments, which indicates that head swapping or hijacking the body may be a mechanism in the last game.

The SteamWorld series of games is known for innovation, from the search action trap of SteamWorld Dig to the 2D XCOM gameplay of SteamWorld Heist. The series even tried to play card battles with SteamWorld Quest. But all these games are firmly rooted in 2D, and Headhunter is a 3D game. It will be interesting to see how Thunderful Games will create the atmosphere and tone of the SteamWorld series of gels in a three-dimensional space, but if there is anything to watch in the trailer, then the series will be well mastered.

So far, Image and Form is the developer of the series, but Thunderful itself is advertised as the developer of Headhunter. It is unclear whether the former will participate in the development of the game, especially considering how it is properly integrated into Thunderful Games. We do know that the Image and Form names are still used in promotional materials for The Gunk, which is its first major game away from the SteamWorld world. Time will tell whether Headhunter can maintain the well-known quality of the name SteamWorld.