SteamOS 3 leaked, let’s take a look at the complete Steam platform user interface

The latest version of Valve’s Linux-based operating system, Steam operating system 3, Now in the wild. This is the same system that will be installed on every Steam platform, but Windows users who run Steam on desktops and other devices are also interested in it.

This is partly because Valve will port the Steam platform UI to the PC at some point to replace the outdated big screen mode. Valve has made some changes to the interface process, specifically for working on handheld devices, some of the benefits will be transferred to the controller driver side of the desktop Steam.

SteamDB always vigilant Pavel Djundik shared some screenshots of the new UI, these screenshots are from the leaked version. As pointed out by Djundik, the design looks very similar to the current Steam library, although there are some layout changes.

Djundik added that the store is currently inaccessible, which makes sense given the nature of the build under development. He also revealed that some people are already running this version of SteamOS on other PC-based handheld devices.

Steam Deck will start shipping in December this year, but many people may not receive them until the first or second quarter of 2022. It is not clear when this UI will enter the PC.