Steelrising Preview – Steelrising | Today’s new gameplay

There are plenty of action RPGs out there for fans of the genre, but Steelrising wants to go beyond the usual high-octane fun. Join us for a special on today’s new games to give you an idea of ​​what to expect from developer Spiders’ upcoming games.

To make this NGT even better, the team behind Steelrising is here. Jehanne Rousseau (CEO, Co-Founder and Lead Writer), Sébastien Di Ruzza (Design Director), and Ciaran Cresswell (Head of Localization) told us about the game ahead of the game’s September 8 release.

But what can players expect from the unique new game? Steelrising takes place in fictional and sci-fi versions of the French Revolution. You play as the main character, Aegis, as they fight against a dangerous army of automatons to liberate the French people. Given such a unique grid of periods and themes, the developers were given the unique opportunity to blend beautiful styles from the past with layers of dark and disturbing robotic horror to create a truly unique art style.

Along with creative visuals, Steelrising will make fans of action RPG games feel right at home. The game features a plethora of upgrades, weapons and armor to collect, and an exciting story set in a fascinating vision of a fictional past. Another focus of the team is to make sure the routine enemy encounters/boss fights are memorable and enjoyable. Did they accomplish such a feat? You have to watch today’s NGT to find out!

Are you excited for more from Steelrising? Spiders’ new game will launch later this year on September 8 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.For more great preview videos of the biggest games of 2022 and beyond, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page for the latest news on titles like Cult of the Lamb, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong and Forspoken!