Stellaris is going where there was no 4X before: a roguelite VR spin-off

This isn’t my 2022 bingo card, it’s Paradox’s sci-fi 4X Stellaris is spinning off (opens in new tab): VR “Action Roguelite set in the sci-fi environment of Paradox” for Meta Quest 2.It’s from Fast Travel Games, they also made a Cities: Skylines VR Experience (opens in new tab) once Upon a time.

It’s called Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, and it does look very Star Trek. You play as the captain of the ship Aurora, which ventures into the void in search of a titular ghostly signal emanating from somewhere in the unexplored depths of space. The name should serve as a wake-up call for Stellaris players: it caused an emergency late-game crisis in the regular Stellaris game. This is basically a galaxy-wide genocide of all intelligent life, so, you know, you might want to stop that.