Steven Spohn spearheads Spawn2gether for AbleGamers

Steven Spohn, Chief Operating Officer and Accessibility Advocate of AbleGamers, today announced the second phase of his Spawn Together fundraising plan. Starting on September 15th, this new round of fundraising activity called “Spawn2gether” will try to achieve the goal of $1 million for the AbleGamers charity, which is the same amount he achieved in the last Spawn Together fundraising event.

The idea of ​​Spawn2gether is to use individual community activities to raise awareness and donate. However, the new content of this plan is to make people realize that the main characters will surpass Spohn himself, including Twitch characters Lilsimsie, AshleyRoboto, Jambo, Imperial and Bloodyfaster.

Expanding the community fundraising structure has always been Spoon’s vision. “I always hope that this is not like a formal fundraising event, but more like a community-driven support network. It becomes bigger than I thought,” he said. “Spawn2gether calls on anyone who believes in supporting the disabled community and loves video games to take action. Year after year, we can do a lot of good things for the world together, if we were all just SpawnTogether.”

You can participate in streaming games and increase visibility and money, but you can also do anything to promote and donate.this tilt The page contains everything you need to get started, and This common problem Can answer any questions you have.

AbleGamers is a charity that aims to break down barriers faced by people with disabilities. They provide assistive technologies for disabled gamers and advise game publishers on best practices for accessibility options.

You can follow Steven Spohn for updates on the event Twitter.