Stonefly – Today’s new gameplay

Indie games have beauty. Free to say yes to someone’s most eccentric and creative idea, and not bound by the limits of what came before. Flight School Studio’s new title, Stonefly, has its unique art style and games earlier this year. Embodies it with an interesting bug mecha that caught our eye when it was first announced.

With beautiful game fans Today’s new gameplay We’re investigating Stonefly with Adam Volker, Creative Director of Flight School Studio, and we’re waiting for your reward. Volker takes Alex Vann Aken and Marcus Stewart on a Stonefly journey to showcase the studio’s latest platform, combat and beautiful world.

For those just learning about Stonefly, this indie title focuses on a girl named Annika, who gathers a ton of resources to make her own bug armor suit and her father’s lost mecha. Get back. In addition to a gorgeous world filled with small creatures and huge forests, Flight School Studio wanted to take a unique approach to the battle. Instead of slaughtering bugs to store resources, players use the “Smash Brothers Method” to push small bugs out of the tree while jumping and better customizing their mechanical friends.

Are you excited about the latest indie titles for Flight School Studio? Stonefly is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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