Story from Borderlands sequel revealed, arriving later this year

episodic, story-driven Borderlands spinoff, Stories from Borderlands, is receiving a sequel. A follow-up is expected later this year, with an official announcement for the game coming in the summer.

The trailer comes from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford at PAX East 2022. Pitchford talked about players’ affinity for the game’s characters, and how the teams at 2K and Gearbox are “interested in developing the Borderlands world in new ways.”

More specifically, Pitchford shared, “I’m talking about a whole new story from a Borderlands adventure.”

As such, Pitchford went on to say that the all-new Borderlands series is expected to be released later in 2022, published by 2K Games and developed by Gearbox Software. According to Pitchford, the game appears to have been in secret development for some time.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the sequel turns out. We already know the roster to expect new characters and stories, so there’s a good chance we’ll never see Handsome Jack or another familiar face again.

Additionally, Tales of Borderlands was originally developed by Telltale Games and was widely praised for its episodic narrative and captivating characters. Can Gearbox Software live up to the original game’s quirkiness and charm?

Only time will tell, and after assuming that Borderlands Story has ended for so long, it’s great to see so many fans rejoicing at the surprise unveiling.

So far this year, we’ve seen the Borderlands spin-off, Little Tina’s Wonderland, get a lot of love, and we can expect a Borderlands movie to come out soon, too, I am Not holding out much hope. Regardless, Borderlands fans have a lot to look forward to right now!