Strange West is overrun by zombies in the game’s first event

Played by over 400,000 players weird west WolfEye Studios is celebrating the zombie apocalypse since its March 31 release.

that’s right. The undead rise from their graves and spread across the land, leaving horrific diseases behind them.

This marks the first in a series of planned in-game live events that will soon grow to include new story events, encounters, expansions and journeys. In the video above, you can see not only the zombie event, but also the planned roadmap.

Originally slated for a January release, then moved to March, Weird West was developed by a team of former Arkane Studios developers and features a simulated sandbox world set in a dark fantasy reimagining of the Wild West.

In it, you will travel through the stories of an unusual group of heroes and become legends for the decisions you make. Each character has its own origin story, and you’ll move from one character to the next until all come together in the final chapter.

Each game is unique and tailored to your actions as everything counts and characters, factions and even locations will react to your choices.

You can even form a team or go it alone and play by your own rules based on your specific motivations.

Weird West is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.