Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins’ working system has new additions and old favorites

Stranger Things in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins may be an odd spin on the series, but one traditional staple remains: the job system.

Jobs are basically roles that you can assign to each party member, which determine the abilities and weapons they use. Stranger in Paradise has 27 jobs, three of which are brand new to the series.This PlayStation Blog A rundown of what is required for some of these jobs is provided, including jobs unique to the title.

The classes that are unique to Stranger Things are Destroyer, Void Knight, and Tyrant.

Breaker lets players use the legendary sword Zantetsuken (used by the classic FF summon Odin) to smash defenses and potentially kill in one hit. Square describes it as a more difficult playstyle to master, but one that pays off handsomely.

Void Knight allows you to fight against their spellcasters by absorbing enemies’ magical attacks and converting them to MP or turning around.

Tyrant enhances your basic attacks with elemental attributes to destroy enemies vulnerable to specific elemental attacks.

Other professions revealed so far include Swordsman (where the protagonist Jack begins), Dark Knight, Black Mage, Sage, Ninja, Paladin, and Thief. Essentially, these jobs work the same way old-school fans assume, but expect to be more action-oriented. For example, Sage lets you quickly switch between white and black magic for some fast-paced spellcasting.

You can read more details about each open class by visiting the PlayStation Blog. Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins launches March 18 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch the latest Frank Sinatra-themed trailer here.