Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Hero Jack is wearing a T-shirt

Square Enix unveiled a new spin-off Final Fantasy game at the E3 2021 press conference on Sunday. Paradise Strangers The Origin of FINAL FANTASYAnd while the new FINAL FANTASY game may sound like exciting news at a low-announced conference, fans soon realized the fatal flaw in its protagonist, Jack.

He is wearing a T-shirt.

He wears a simple black short-sleeved shirt with buttons on the front. If the shabby hem doesn’t hang in your crotch or butt, it looks like you can buy it in Target’s men’s section. It may sound like a little thing, but it’s a Final Fantasy world, and everyone, and their mothers, usually have gorgeous and capricious character designs. And Jack is the main character of all the characters. People soon began to immerse themselves in his style.

JRPGs and Final Fantasy games are especially known for giving fans cute anime-like boys. FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake It gave us both Sephiroth Doe-Eye Cloud Strife and Sephiroth, which make fans enthusiastic with their abs and beautiful long hair. Once in the JRPG space, Jack is the boyfriend of Milke Toast, who will be formal in jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes until New Year’s Eve.

And it may not be so surprising to see Jack wearing such a simple outfit, considering that Tetsuya Nomura’s general fashion sense is not always on the ball. — Nomura himself often wears Plan’s black V-neck T-shirt — but still encouraged a lot of colorful fan reaction.

People are comparing Jed, one of Jack’s companions, to a ninja.that is bad.

It’s easy to dogpile character designs, but Jack seems to upgrade from T-shirts to flashy armor and belted clothing later in the game. An image of Square Enix shows him fighting a monster in a costume that is completely different from a spear.

Image: Square Enix

Also, the game is still in the early stages of development. Square Enix and Team Ninja, a developer, are still thinking about how to balance the demands between creating a Final Fantasy title and trying something new. Nomura said “it will take a little more time” for the team to complete. And for what it’s worth Nioh 2, Developed by Team Ninja. The release used user feedback to improve the game..

For this purpose, the game is already a trial version and the developers have already stated that they want feedback from players. Title producer Masashi Fujiwara told fans verbatim, “Please send your thoughts through trial surveys and social media.” So now I’m a fan with a feeling (not a meme) You can go to the game and download And say what they want to see.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin It will be released in 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.