Stranger Things season 4 trailer reveals two-volume summer premiere date

After years of waiting, Stranger Things‘ The penultimate season begins this summer. The first full-length trailer of the season, released in two parts, sets the stage for the dangers, old and new, that Hawkins’ heroes must contend with.

The story takes place a few months after the events of Season 3 of 2019. A powerless Eleven moves to California with the Byers family. Hopper was captured in Russia. The rest of our friends had to pick up the pieces when starting high school. Naturally, the constant supernatural threat and the evil government conspiracy associated with it continue to plague the world’s most unfortunate town. According to Eleven’s warning in the trailer: “A war is coming. Your friends in Hawkins are at the center of the storm.”

Stranger Things 4 consists of nine episodes, each running twice as long as the previous. Due to the large size of the episodes, they will be released in two batches, five weeks apart. Volume 1 premiered on May 27, and volume 2 arrived on July 1. Don’t know how many episodes each volume has, but imagine this is a clean split, so 4/5 episodes per volume.

Earlier this year, Netflix renewed Stranger Things The fifth and final season. There is currently no premiere date for the last season.For more information Stranger Thingsyou can read about its recent crossover with Far Cry 6 and The Magic: The Gathering.