Street Fighter 6: New Evo 2022 Trailer Reveals Kimberly and Juri

As part of Evo’s 2022 Street Fighter 5 tournament, Street Fighter 6 received a brand new trailer – this time revealing Juri and Kimberly as official additions to the cast. This trailer is due out in 2023, and as we move towards the final release of the highly anticipated 2D fighter, the total number of official characters will increase to seven!

Kimberly – a character teased in the background of the original Street Fighter 6 game show earlier this year – is a ninja bringing their unique ’80s pop culture flair to the game, dangling around the spray paint and putting Her personal tape player packs into high-flying combat.

Watch Juri and Kimberly’s new Street Fighter 6 trailer here!

Kimberly shares some similarities with Guy, another ninja who has appeared in Street Fighter several times but originally from the Final Fight series.And for good reason, as it reveals Via the official PlayStation blog post Another cool callback to the revelation that Kimberly was part of his dojo – the legendary head of Street Fighter.

With its unique 80’s style, we’ve never seen a boxer like Kimberly before!

Juri, on the other hand, is a character that Street Fighter fans need no introduction. Against Kimberly’s cheerful colors, Juri is the sadistic berserker we’ve fallen in love with since Street Fighter 4 came out. However, her design is combined with Street Fighter 6’s aesthetic shift, along with a phone case and motorcycle helmet to match her distinctive ear-shaped hairstyle.

Her moves appear to be very similar to previous iterations of the character, albeit with some new additions based on the system introduced in Street Fighter 6, and of course a shiny new super. Juri is an excellent addition for those who like to kick combos and have characters with a bit of an edge behind them.

Juri from Street Fighter 6 looking at their smartphones (revealed via Evo 2022 trailer)
Great to see Juri back on the field.

In other Street Fighter 6 news, two new reviewers from the US fighting game community have been announced as official game reviewers ahead of this reveal. James Chen – longtime Street Fighter advocate and voice behind this year’s Evo Street Fighter Top 8 – will be a welcome addition. In addition, Tasty Steve also came, known for their explosive pops on the mic, and interestingly, they popularized the phrase “good ass iron fist” in previous major tournaments.

What do you think of the new trailer? Are these characters what you want to see, or are you praying for someone else? Let us know below!

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