Street Fighter 6 release date still unknown as Hot Ryu reveals summer 2022 announcement

Capcom has finally officially announced Street Fighter 6 after the developer hosted a week-long countdown timer that hinted at something to come.

It’s been six years since Street Fighter V launched on PS4 and PC, and now we finally have a good idea of ​​the new direction the series is taking.

While the publisher hasn’t revealed a ton of details about the next-gen fighting game, a new short trailer has revealed some preliminary information about the game, including – at least – we’ll have Ryu and Street Fighter 5 newcomer Luke Join the roster.

Apart from the trailer showing that Capcom has made “Hot Ryu” the default character model, which looks like it will be the first Street Fighter title to be made in the Deluxe RE engine, there’s little information to go on.What we know is We will have to wait until summer 2022 to know more information.

Will this be exclusive to the PlayStation console, similar to Street Fighter 5? Will we release this game globally? Will it see an arcade version? Will it deviate entirely from what we know in Street Fighter 5? Will Chun-Li be as tall as Madame Dimitrescu? We’ll just have to wait and see. At least we know the switch to the RE engine is a godsend for Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter – hopefully it will work the same magic in Street Fighter.

If you’re wondering why Luke is in the trailer instead of Street Fighter mainstay Ken, Capcom has laid those foundations over the past 12 months. Back in November 2021 when Luke made his debut in the series, the studio called him “The Future of Street Fighter” and the “major” of “Street Fighter” to move on.

Alex has been thinking about Street Fighter lately, predicting that Capcom will have to get Street Fighter 6 right, not just for the series’ 35th anniversary, while lamenting the state of the launch new game Street Fighter 5 Our Lord in 2022.

Will Capcom be able to fend off Riot Games’ mysterious Project L, undoubtedly its fighting game crown? The next year or so will be a very interesting year for fighting game fans.