Streets of Fire is a forgotten proto-cyberpunk masterpiece to watch.

Neo-noir rock musical Streets of fire It may be the most important cyberpunk movie that fans of this genre have overlooked. The self-proclaimed “rock and roll fff story” starring Michael Paré and Diane Lane is Walter Hill (alien) And the great success of their previous collaboration by screenwriter Larry Gross: The 1982 Buddy Cop action comedy 48 hours, Nick Nolte, starring Eddie Murphy. With the recent addition of this movie to Netflix Streets of fire Ultimately, American viewers may be perceived as a source of inspiration for the more common iterations of their visuals.

The neo-noir musical follows the story of rock’n’roll singer Ellen Aim (Lane), a wandering mercenary Tom Cody (Pare).The movie looks like this Grease As Escape from New YorkA striking neon-lit setting, Jim Steinman, Jimmy, shot in a location between Lower Wacker Drive in Chicago and downtown Los Angeles, an explosive, tight-knit action drama full of fierce fights. Soundtracks filled with tracks written by Iovin and Stevie Nicks. The controversial peak of the movie is that Tom, who sneaks into the biker’s hideout to rescue Ellen, begins shooting the gangster’s motorcycle petrol tank to distract him before rushing away with Ellen. It’s a scene.

But Streets of fire When it was released in 1984, it had box office revenues in excess of $ 14.5 million and earned only $ 8 million in North America. -slash-boyfriend Billy Fish has gained cult popularity. The film also has a rather modest but substantial legacy as a visual and spiritual touchstone in the early speculative sub-genre of cyberpunk.

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When looking back at the earliest origins of cyberpunk, most people refer to the same basic text: William Gibson’s 1984 novel. New Romancer, Bruce Sterling Mirror shade Anthology, and Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade RunnerDespite being a visual source of almost all major cyberpunk films released that way, Scott’s films are only retroactively recognized as themselves. The term was originally coined by Bruce Besky’s novel of the same name and was released just one year before the premiere of Blade Runner. that is, New Romancer And Mirror shade This term will later be adopted as the name of the subgenre itself.

The cyberpunk we know today was still in its infancy. Streets of fire I rolled.In addition to Blade Runner, A movie like 1981 Escape from New York, 1982 Burst CityAnd in 1982 Tron Everything helped establish a visual language of this genre. Streets of fire Born from this definitive movie harvest.An anachronistic rock’n’roll action romance set in “another time, another place”, inspired by works by Francis Ford Coppola and others. Rumble fish And Adrian Lynn’s Flash dance..

“[W]He kept in mind a sentence inspired by George Lucas, “a galaxy of the distant past, the past of the future,” Gross said. Interview with slash film“It was in our heads … there is a past, there is a future. An important decision in the creative world is music, and another in the other guru behind it It was a certain “divinity”. Streets of fire It was John Hughes. ”

Hughes’ teen drama also influenced Hill and Gross, but the final result was a high school musical set in a neon-lit city, almost always nights, over 30 years old. There is no one in. Streets of fireThe anachronism may have made it unsold in the United States, but when it was subsequently released in Japan, the film was a huge success.And here Streets of fireThe muted heritage of is beginning.

The story, characters, and music of the Hill and Gross films will influence the two typical cyberpunk anime productions: the four-part anime OVA (original video animation). Megazone 23 And 8-part anime OVA Bubblegum CrisisThe Streets of Fire’s former premise is that a young biker confronts a vicious street gang and reveals the radical nature of his world and the cheerful pop-rock score of composer S’S Nest Shiro. If you haven’t reminded me yet, the first episode of Megazone 23 Literally, it starts with the protagonist watching the actual movie itself in the theater.

Streets of Fire poster seen in the first episode of Megazone 23

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However, the impact of this movie on cyberpunk anime is probably Bubblegum CrisisIn the first episode of “Priss and the Replicants”, a scene of the fictional band “Priss and the Replicants” in which the main character of the series, Priscilla Asagiri, stands in front. Blade Runner, Play in front of a packed nightclubThe song “There is a hurricane tonight” Streets of fireHis opening musical number, “Nowhere fast,” recreates the same camera shots, lighting, and infectious pop-rock sounds as Diane Lane’s own performance as El Aim, starring a woman in the movie.

That’s not the only connection with the more famous cyberpunk. Streets of fire It also had a morphological influence on Mike Pondsmith’s cyberpunk tabletop RPG, and was the main player in building the game’s “rockerboy” player class, Johnny Silverhand characters, and even the game’s video game adaptation world. Served as an inspiration Cyberpunk 2077. “in the meantime Blade RunnerGoing for the most obvious visual style-in, I think the original material is more reminiscent and a little influencedStreets of fire“Senior Quest designer Patty Mills said. Interview with a collider last year. “Noir movies Cyberpunk 2077The story, more than the kind of sci-do you might expect. The themes of corruption, moral ambiguity, death, fate, and futileness in our games rely on works of the Noir genre. “

After the most unlikely situation Streets of fire It continues to endure as a cult classic. Retro and contemporary noir music full of striking visuals and catchy rock ballads. Although having nothing to do with transhumanism or advanced technology, the film still focuses on the most permanent places of cyberpunk. Dark rainy cities, with oppressive law enforcement agencies, It’s full of territorial disputes between lawless bikers and gangs fighting for control and power. It’s a fun movie. You need to check out at the time available.

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