Streets of Rage is making a movie, according to new report

in full swing Sonic the Hedgehog 2The box office success is another Sega classic coming to the big screen. deadline A movie adaptation of the classic fighting game series Streets of Rage is reportedly in the works.

According to sources deadline, the adaptation will be written by John Wick creator and writer Derek Colstad, who reportedly wrote Streets of Rage (basically a script with no production guarantees) based on the spec.Kolstad owns the forthcoming fourth John Wick film, slated for 2023, and has also written an action film for 2021 nobody Starring Bob Odenkirk.

Streets of Rage will be co-produced by Dmitri M. Johnson’s dj2 Entertainment, which assisted in the production Sonic 2 And recently signed on to make a TV adaptation of It Takes Two.Also joining will be production company Escape Artists, which helped bring the Equalizer series and the magnificent seven Life. Given that the film appears to be in the early stages of conception, there are no details about the cast, plot or release window. But given that the latest Sonic film has the best opening weekend of any video game movie, it’s no surprise that Sega wants to dust the rest of its aftermath catalog with the same cinematic fairytale dust.

For those unfamiliar, Streets of Rage is a series of co-op brawlers starring street vigilantes who protect their communities by beating gangs, thugs’ snots, and occasionally, weird alien wall stuff. The film draws on four Streets of Rage games; the first three appeared on the Sega Genesis in the early ’90s, while Rage Fist 4 launches on modern consoles in 2020.

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[Source: Deadline]