SUDA51 once passively saw the company approaching the production of Deadpool games

As early as August, SUDA51 (the director of the “Heroes No More” series and the CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture) publicly stated that he would like to make a Marvel-themed video game and listed Deadpool as his first choice one. Interestingly, this idea seems to be more than just a dream.In a recent interview VGC, SUDA51 revealed that he had contacted a large studio, hoping to use Deadpool IP to develop a game.

“Over ten years ago, Activision actually contacted me to make a Deadpool game… It was sometime after the first “No Heroes” came out. Obviously, the plan was never realized, and it was in the initial planning stage. It ended in failure, but I had some very cool ideas at the time.”


The first “Heroes Are No Longer” was released in 2007, so long before the actor Ryan Reynolds (the current face of Deadpool) played the role for the first time, negotiations began. Activision subsequently released the “Deadpool” video game in 2013, but it was directed by Sean Miller and SUDA51 was not involved.

Ryan Reynolds’s iconic anti-hero personal films “Deadpool” (2016) and “Deadpool 2” (2018) have grossed more than $1.5 billion in gross box office revenue, and three sequels will be released soon. The franchise is now bigger than ever, so maybe it’s time to shoot another video game adaptation, maybe this time with SUDA51.Ryan Reynolds himself seems to be keen on this idea, because he likes VGC’s tweet From August on how SUDA51 likes to make Deadpool games.

View VGC’s full interview with SUDA51 here More exciting questions and answers. ICYMI, he also discussed how Grasshopper Manufacture developed three new IPs, and he is always willing to cooperate with Nintendo.

No More Heroes 3 is now only available for Nintendo Switch.

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