SUDA51 reiterated that they did not plan a DLC for No More Heroes 3, but discussed what they will include

Dear developer SUDA51 participated in the interview recently Silicone And discussed the recently launched No More Heroes 3, which is unique to Nintendo Switch. Siliconera urges SUDA51 to explain what content he wants to add as downloadable content if they have a plan. SUDA51 replied that the possibility of DLC appearing in No More Heroes 3 is almost zero. However, he did say what they want to achieve if they do manage to make DLC for this dynamic game. He and other members of the team will work on the red area of ​​the map, and SUDA51 says they have actually created an area for it. The initial problem was that their idea was not feasible on the Nintendo Switch, so it was abandoned, simply because the processing load was too heavy for the Switch to handle. He also mentioned that he also wants to add alternative routes to the story mode and add some additional playable characters, such as Shinobi. This is what SUDA51 told Siliconera.

Question: If you decide to make a DLC for “No More Heroes 3”, what would you like to add?

The answer may be assumed by most people who read this article. But I want to add a few points. First of all, I just want to say that unfortunately, there is currently no DLC, and there may not be any. If there is any miracle, we can add some DLC to the game, which is also proposed by many people. But when you open the complete map, that kind of red area will appear. I think many people just think that this will be added in a future DLC.

To be honest, we created the entire area. It’s basically done. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, we cannot keep it in the game. The processing load is a bit too hard. So unfortunately we had to scrap it. I think there will be some very cool things, people will like to play, and I will like people to play.

Another thing, I believe this is what people expect, if we are allowed to do DLC, what I want to do is to add some kind of switch. You can choose different routes to fight with the aforementioned galactic superhero rankers, and fight each of them in boss-specific battles instead of going deep into the roots of the game.

The third thing I want to add is a few playable characters. It may be Shinobi, that may be my first choice. But if we are allowed to do some DLC and can do whatever I want, these will be the three things I am most interested in.