SUDA51 said that the team has 3 new IPs in preparation, and he is also willing to cooperate with Nintendo

SUDA51 and Grasshopper Manufacture are known for their funny and very stylish video games, which have proven to be fan favorites over the years. The team recently released the long-awaited No More Heroes series final game No More Heroes 3, and the topic finally turned to the company’s next plan.

Said in a recent interview VGC, SUDA51 stated that they have three new IPs in production, and the preliminary work has already started, but they will share more in the future. SUDA51 was also asked by the publication about the pre-existing game he wanted to restart, and was questioned whether it would become the property of Nintendo. He replied,”If I do something that really surprises all gamers, then I want to do it with Nintendo. “

“We have formulated a general plan for the next ten years. At this point, we plan to make three games in the next ten years: three new IPs,” he said. “We have actually started the pre-production of the first work, but I can’t say anything yet.”

“Although I will not say that the games we plan to make will be full-scale AAA games, they will not be true small-scale games or similar games. [3DS shooter] Liberation girls, or; I want to say that they may be around “AA” level games. Just like this, the game itself will be around the AA level, and the core team that makes them will be a relatively compact team. “

“Regarding the three new IPs I mentioned, we may actually take a slightly different route,” he explained. “I mean, we might actually decide to make a new, original IP-the one we are developing now-and then make a game version of the existing IP for our second game, and then go back and do it. Another new third.

“There were a few games in the past that I wanted to try to restart or remake a certain type of game, or we might get in touch with the right company with the right IP and decide that’s it… We will see how things will develop.”

When asked which “past games” he wants to restart and if they can come from Nintendo, which he often collaborates with, Suda said: “Again, I don’t have any specific plans at the moment, but of course I’m always happy with Nintendo. cooperate.

“It’s really cool to be able to restart or remake some old Nintendo IPs that have been around for a while, especially those that have been dormant for a long time. If I do something that really surprises all gamers, then I want to do it with Nintendo.”