Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League trailer has many callbacks to the Arkham game

The latest trailer for Rocksteady Studio’s “Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League” debuted on DC FanDome and does not contain any game graphics. However, it does have some screams for the Batman: Arkham game, and the strange thing is that it is a sequel. (It also has some shocking music, decent editing, and some jokes.)

For starters, the opening reproduces the beginning of the Arkham Asylum, driving past the sign that “the hitchhiker may be escaping from the patient”, and the Amanda Waller recruiting squad is set in the first battle area of ​​the game. (Waller’s voice actor is different from her in “Arkham Origins”, but Debra Wilson (Debra Wilson) voiced and voiced Waller in “Batman: The Enemy Within.” You may also be from Know her in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Crazy TV.)