Super Mario Bros. Kaizo Hack: 6 of the Best Trolls

Trolls are the most recognizable element of super hard Mario hacks and levels known as kaizo. Simple and unexpected obstacles are not only interesting, but also create a special source that is very enjoyable to see Kaizo. However, not all trolls are created the same, and many authors use different interpretations of the concept to disappoint players.

Kaizo Mario Hacking, a sub-genre under the broad umbrella of ROM hacking, emphasizes accuracy and proficiency in a much more difficult way than regular Mario platformers. These user-created games are also known to be rich in trolls. Some particularly demonic or clever levels are designed to harness the player’s knowledge of the genre and its practices. Here are six hacks over the last two years that show how much creators have embraced the concept of “kaizo troll”.

Super Hark Brothers 2: Kaizo Non-Block

Super Hark Brothers 2 It continues the classic tradition of the first installments, which was a creative display that never became difficult for players. More importantly, it contains some nicely playful trolls. As an example, take the interpretation of the kaizo block in the game. The most classic example of a kaizo troll is set up as follows: I’m jumping over the pits, but in the middle of the jump, I hit my head against a block that wasn’t there before, and I’m dead. However, not all hidden blocks in the kaizo hack are really hidden.

If the creator wants to know where the invisible block is, place an outline around it. That way, you will have enough information to complete the failure. Super Hark Brothers 2 ChrisG__ overturns the prosperity of these two designs by introducing fake outlines at later levels in the game. That way, when the player jumps and hits the expected block, they will immediately pass through and jump into the lava below.This is actually a reference to the first troll Super Hark Brothers.

“My philosophy is to laugh, but I want players to laugh,” says Chris. “I’m trying to be able to avoid my trolling, so players will most likely trolling themselves. Obviously, looking back at my old-level design, which wasn’t always the case, evading I think it’s much more interesting to let the player do something that they should have done. “

Riff World 2: Not an exit

Riff World 2 It ’s a hype sequel. Riff WorldA hack that emphasizes complex levels of design and speed. In it, players will encounter smaller optional levels that allow them to unlock the game when everything is done.These types of levels are called “Switch Palace” in Super Mario WorldBut with the hacked version of the concept, much more is happening. Level designers usually give players a ridiculous nod at the end of these short but rewarding levels.But since the player expect Something near the end of the level — and perhaps they’re burning the course — it gives hack creators ammunition to ruin their victims.

Near the end of the course Riff World 2 It requires you to escort the key, you will find a large switch with three keyholes on it. Most players will probably try to jump the switch without thinking — that’s all there is to the end of this tunnel. But when Mario’s jump hits those floating keyholes, the plumber suddenly opens the attached door. The level designer hid the invisible key that Mario had for a brief moment. Before the player knows it, they are thrown out of the level without pressing a switch.

“When I see a switch with a pit at the end and a keyhole above it, I feel safe because I’ve already bypassed what I think is a troll. The best way to overturn it is to suddenly lock it in. It wasn’t. I want to get them in their hands barely enough time to react, “says Frekin HA, creator of the Riff World game.

For the creator of the hack, comedy depends on the stupidity of the player. “You want the players to feel that it was above them to some extent.” That’s why it’s important to telegram upcoming fake outs. “What many people don’t feel like when they troll is that they want to look like a fish, or think something is happening and then add a twist. That’s what they do. You might have considered X, but it’s about disappointing in a way that you didn’t. So that’s interesting. “

Explosion from the past, Grand Poo World 2

One of the most difficult kaizo hacks Grand Pooh World 2 Often considered the Super Mario Bros. Everest Mountain. Despite the challenge Grand Pooh World 2 It’s a tight collection that kicks your butt, sometimes through a troll.

One of the most notorious trolls of the barbaric king Grand Pooh World 2 Prey on players looking for secrets.Pipes are expected to contain secrets for almost everyone, but usually there are the following assumptions: End With a pipe, you can go back to the first place if you can go anywhere. But what if the exit pipe also acts as another entrance to yet another Easter egg?

Barb adopted this concept, hiding the entire original level Grand Pooh World, Widow’s Peak, in the sequel. If you die at this level, you’ll return to the midpoint, but what’s even more hilarious is the fact that if you break this level, you’ll inadvertently return to the title screen. It is a fake switch in this room that recommends returning through the pipe. This is actually a camouflaged pipe that you should get off.

“Hidden in Poo’s Laughter House, Widow’s Peak is a more elaborate joke for those who play. Grand Pooh World 1“The hack creator, Barbarous King, says. “When I added it, I was probably expecting one or two players to try to overcome Widow’s Peak. Most players would let me complete the entire Widow’s Peak and move forward. You need to know that you’ll never let it happen, so going that path deliberately jumps into a crazy dead end just to see what’s in the end.

“These poor souls deserved their reward of being returned to the title screen by a fake switch. Believe it or not, at the end of Poo’s Laughter House, in one of many sneaky pitfalls. There was a player who knew exactly what to do without dying. “

Hyperion: Compliment

Hyperion Is a visually stunning Mario hack using a world map. World maps are structurally more open-ended than any other map. Super Mario World.. It’s also kinder than most kaizo hacks. In fact, the more familiar you are with the kaizo hack, the more knowledge can work against you. Hyperion.. Known as anti-trolls, these are funny fake outs that don’t really sacrifice player progress, but spoil veteran pros in a hilarious way.

Hyperion is equipped with anti-vandalism devices past one transparent sphere of ice level. When you enter the pipe, you will see the same screen as the My Little Puzzle screen. This is a series of hacks that are notorious for being extremely difficult in the kaizo community.At first, this looks like a troll on the scale of Barb’s widow’s peak Easter egg Grand Pooh World 2However, if you go a little further into the room, you will find that it is not. As you progress, the level becomes a moving compliment to your beloved kaizo streamer and hack creator shovda.

“I think trolls can be done in an interesting way that is completely meaningless and degrading. There is still space in the genre, but it is designed to be avoided or predicted without knowledge. It’s rare, or the experience of a “troll lexicon”, “explains hack creator Amper. Still, a particular callback to a moment that resonates with the community is a fair game. Amper wanted to “use the memory of the bad times of My Little Puzzle to make people think they made a mistake by walking the wrong door.” It’s completely harmless if you’re not familiar with the individual parts and customs, but it can be cheerful and even moving if you’re used to it.

Goodbye Mario World: Bottomless Pit Trick

A tribute to rhythm action games Sayonara Wild Hearts, Super Margot Goodbye Mario World Expand your notion of what a Mario game is. This high goal is achieved by hiring a handful of custom mechanics, along with a handful of types of trolls. But to explain the trick, you first need to understand the mechanics of the original game.

Super Mario World There is a strange habit that if Mario already grabs a goal tape or orb and falls into the pits while a fanfare at the end of the level is playing, the game will not count it as clear. If the game counts up the bonus score while Mario is running a walking animation, Mario will die and the player will be thrown to the last checkpoint available.

Creators take advantage of this habit to troll players who are eager to finish a level and reach their final goal without careful consideration. What Margot is doing is flipping this metaphor, setting traps for those who know to pay attention to end trolls, and forging them in the process.

At the end of another screen wrap level, Circular Logic, there is an end orb above the pit. However, if the player touches the orb, the player is thrown into the pit. When you wrap the screen at this level, the bottom and top borders of the screen loop, so when you hit the pit, it starts falling from the sky. So, while you don’t die, Mario keeps bouncing up and down again and again until the fanfare at the end of the level stops and you unlock the next stage. “You need a screen wrap to hit it, but you can’t literally die in the room,” Margot explains.

“For me, the best trolls are those that challenge the player’s assumptions and quickly scare them. They can react even if they are playing games“Margot says. She has the same premise that all trolls “contrary to the player’s expectations and hold the player responsible for success, but they are all very readable, feasible and will not pop out immediately. I think it’s really important to compare good and bad trolls. “

Invictus: Fake pipe

Invictus by Juzcook It is one of the most popular kaizo hacks today. Invictus focuses on tough yet rational levels and innovative concepts, so it is often welcomed as a good intermediate hack to play if you have enough basic experience.

There are many average vandalisms in hacks, the best of which puts a purely psychological barrier between you and the end of a tough level. Cemetery Bloom is a must-have ghost-themed level with plenty of booing and fake outs. However, it is best to occur just before the end of the level. Go through the door leading to the exit and you will see the goal tape in front of you. However, there is a pipe just before that.

Now, it’s customary to seduce players with secret or clever curved balls that may make the setup more than visible.What’s happening here is that players will wonder if you’re supposed to go down the pipe Real At the end of the level, or if it’s a trap that loses your progress. It may even be a secret screen designed to shout out a particular creator.

None of them turned out to be correct, and the pipes are completely fantastic. When you try to jump on it, you go through it. The trolls here are completely psychological. Players are asked to analyze the situation too much and worry about what the right choice is when there is no choice.