Super Rare Games Announces New Indie Publishing Brand, Five New Indie Publishing

Super Rare Games, a company known for its unique approach to physical games and related media distribution, has announced a new indie distribution brand called Super Rare Originals.

As the name suggests, Super Rare Originals will release indie games digitally on consoles and PC, and the new label kicks off with five new games released today: Grapple Dog, Post Void, The Gecko Gods, Lone Ruin, and Completely Stretchy .

fighting dog

PC (other platforms to be determined)

“Grapple Dog is an exhilarating 2D pixel art platformer from pixel art veteran Joseph Gribbin,” reads a Super Rare Originals press release. “Use your awesome grappling hook to solve tricky challenges like Pablo the grappling dog. Travel across six colorful worlds with a group of fearless adventurers and stop the robotic overlord Nur from destroying the world. ”

Post is invalid

Coming soon to consoles (platform to be determined)

“Post Void is a challenging arcade-style first-person shooter with one goal: be fast,” reads the release. “Go forward and fill your idol with liquid by taking kills. For procedurally generated levels, each run will be slightly different. Keep your head up and get to the end; kill as much as you can to fix it; get a high score or try again.”

god of geckos

PC (other platforms to be determined)

“Explore a mysterious island like a little lizard,” the release reads. “Complete ancient puzzles, effortlessly climb cliffs, eat bugs, and travel across an island civilization that time forgot. Climb on anything, solve ancient contraptions, crawl through the crumbling ruins of collapsing societies – it’s all Like a little lizard on a mission to save their friends.”

lonely ruins

PC (other platforms to be determined)

“From the creators of Hell is Other Demons presents Lone Ruin, a spell-based roguelike twin-stick shooter with tons of replayability,” reads a Super Rare Originals press release. “Play as an explorer searching for mysterious ancient powers in ancient ruins, built on a source of magical slime used by ancient wizards to strengthen and transform themselves. Dive deeper, fight twisted creatures, and use your own Magical abilities finally reach the bottom of the lonely ruins.​​​

fully elastic

PC (other platforms to be determined)

“Completely Stretchy is a short, first-person surreal cartoon experience,” says Super Rare Originals. “Explore the vibrant island of Gromby using your newfound floppy abilities like bouncy arms, sticky fingers, and more. Talk to the quirky inhabitants and engage in their fun activities. You can even piece together the Gromby Islands s story.”

Specific platforms and release times will vary, Super Rare Originals said, and more will be announced closer to each game’s release date.

Super Rare Games releases physical Switch games every three weeks, all to further their mission of supporting talented indie developers of all sizes. The team sees this new Super Rare Originals digital indie publishing brand as an extension of it, teasing more games they’re excited to announce in the future.

“We’ve worked with over 100 developers over the past four years, and we want to support talented indie developers for the long haul and help start changing the industry to be more developer-centric,” said Super Rare Originals. “We’re taking an ‘indie-first’ approach because we think publishers should be honored to work with developers, rather than power dynamics being another easy thing to do as is often the case.

“We see ourselves as ‘indie best friends’ and support indie developers of all sizes in every way – from physical versions of our established indie treasures and hidden gems, to originals by new and existing developers Game release.”

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