Super Replay-Demon Soul Episode 6

Last week, Marcus destroyed the idol of the fool and broke his blade in a confrontation with a vicious ogre. This week, what route will Marcus try next? Demon’s Souls allows players to choose a path through multiple worlds, and each run is different. Will it be Flamelurker? Oh oh. This may be a hot spot! You must listen to find the answer! Join us at 2pm CST and continue the incredible journey through From Software’s classic.

In 2009, From Software changed everything with the Demon Soul on PlayStation 3. Challenging action RPG will continue to lead the key sub-genre of soul games and blood curse. With the help of PS5, “Demon Soul” found a new home in Bluepoint’s remake of the original. Once upon a time, we embarked on a short journey of demon souls. This time, we are going through it all. Today, Super Replay returns to its crazy Friday time slot with a whole new adventure, including a complete Demon Soul. This super replay will definitely be extremely popular!

Experience this classic game with Andrew Reiner, Dan Tack and Marcus Stewart. Marcus’s first complete game is sure to be full of excitement, chill and fire. Yes, fire. We will chew all kinds of ridiculously hot food during the game to really raise the stakes. In the soul game, everyone died countless times, but what if you put the pressure of some scorching ginger on it?

When our fearless champion dies, we will consume some of the most popular foods on the market to take action to a new level. When crossing Boletaria and other places, how far will the crew enter the hot challenge? It will be very spicy, you don’t want to miss it!

The event starts at 2 pm CST today, providing 2 hours of delicious demonic soul blocks. Will Marcus fall victim to the opening twists and turns of the game? Demon’s Souls is not messy, and the levels are usually more maddening and dangerous than the bosses that later became the highlights of the From Software experience.

Can you imagine the horror when Marcus first entered the Valley of Defilement? We may not be able to get rid of this, gang. This is definitely one of the most epic super replays of all time, so please join us on Twitch to learn all the action. Can’t it be an episode? No problem-the episode will be played on our YouTube page and can be easily browsed after we broadcast it for a day or so.