Super Replay is back with Bloodborne

It’s time for Part 11 of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne epic playthrough! Come get a snack as you bring the iconic pinwheel you saw to spin the old hunter’s toughest boss. Check out this review and join us today at 2pm CST.

Ready for a thrilling ride through FromSoftware’s masterpiece? Bloodborne is a dark horror action / RPG that lets players navigate the haunted streets full of werewolves, shuffles, and chambring ghouls-and that’s just the first hour. Bloodborne introduces the atmosphere, the creative and cruel monster design, and the horrifying, pure white environment torn from far away. And we’re going to play through it!Legendary super replay Game informer A series that combines professional players and professional commentary is back.

As a flagship revival title, Bloodborne will be live uncut Every Friday at 2:00 pm CST.. So why not join a bloody quarrel? How many times do you suffocate during the boss battle? Do you remember how to use the parigan? (Probably not).

But even if it involves cultivating large numbers of blood vials to survive grotesque pigs and other night creatures, we believe we will do it together. This is a raw organic playthrough at its best, as it hasn’t really touched the game since the second playthrough of The Old Hunters shortly after launch. In short, it’s a great way to bring all the fun and strength of Super Replay directly into your eyes, shoot live and bring it to reality via a live stream.

“Bloodborne is a bloody horror gem with only a few cracks in the façade. Bloodborne is sparse storytelling, lush atmosphere (reminiscent of the concept of Lovecraft’s best work), and aggressive. You will succeed through fierce battles. “I said in myself. Game informer Review. “This new IP isn’t far from the established Souls franchise, but it’s a magical and mysterious piece that brilliantly instills both fear and victory in brave enough to delve into it.”

Check out the entire replay series here and start running Bloodborne in a spectacular way here.

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