Super Replay – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Look at me: I’m the captain now.

After seeing Dan Tack wipe the floor with Bloodborne in the last Super Replay, it’s time for me, Marcus Stewart, to do the same with his successor, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Released in 2019 and acclaimed, this ninja epic overturned FromSoftware’s formula with a combat and parry system that promotes pure skills and aggression. The memorable bosses of the game cannot be defeated by simply crushing them and raising their levels. You need to beat them. It ’s a rewarding game, but 2:00 pm CST, I will do my best to seek redemption.

I just enjoyed Sekiro and never ended the game by hitting a wall with a rhyming name of “Radian Grape”. After suffering defeat after defeat, I decided to leave for over a year and travel the world in search of enlightenment. I scaled the mountains, meditated under the waterfalls, and trained under the guidance of a Tibetan monk. All to acquire the mental and physical skills needed to completely defeat Sekiro.

Well, I might have decorated that last bit. But I have an even better support system. FromSoftware expert Dan Tack will be my trusted coach. I also put Andrew Reiner in my corner to provide commentary and moral support for his interesting brand. It can take more than 5, 10, 15, 20 episodes. When the dust settles down, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is just another notch on my belt and I finally become Master Shinobi.

Please join us every Friday Central 2:00 pm cramps Sekiro: When going live with something that is sure to be the noisy and entertaining playthrough of Shadows Die Twice. Our live stream is great and we love interacting with our readers so we look forward to seeing you there.If you can’t catch us live, upload an archived episode to us YouTube channel 24 hours later. Can you finally get rid of Sekiro’s demon forever? You may need your encouragement and advice to pull it off.

Be sure to check the whole thing Bloodborne Super Replay Also, visit the archive to check out past replay episodes. Also, please let us know which game you would like us to work on in future Super Replays.