Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition | GI Live

The development of one of the biggest games ever does not end every week. This week saw the Kingdom Hearts hero Sola historically join the Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition, the last character introduced in Nintendo’s incredible video game celebration. To commemorate this important moment, Game informant The staff has decided that our live broadcast every Thursday afternoon will be used to compete with each other in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

this is correct! Catch Alex Stadnik, Marcus Stewart, John Carson, Wesley LeBlanc and Jill Gro German (Jill Grodt) Twitch Channel Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock in the middle. We will examine how Sora handled the transition to Smash and how to fight it.

Smash Bros. Ultimate was originally released in December 2018, boldly proclaiming “everyone is here”, and there are now 89 characters on the list (including Echo fighters). The inclusion of Sora in Fighter Pack 2 is not the only big surprise of the DLC season. New members who are not part of Nintendo, such as Steve of Minecraft, Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII, and Kazuya of Tekken have joined the battle. Obviously, almost everyone is here, and a universe jumping character like Sora is the perfect way to end it all.