Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Kazuya gameplay revealed

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai gave a presentation to fighting fans around the world from a comfortable studio desk for over 30 minutes. The next fighter to come to Ultimate is none other than Tekken Kazuya, and Sakurai was ready to reveal the character’s combo in a new gameplay video. You can see the full presentation below.

The presentation began with Kazuya showing off what Kazuya would bring to the table, and unfortunately ended with confirmation that Dante would never be added to Ultimate’s roster other than Mii’s outfit. If you’re excited to see Kazuya’s success, check out the video released today on June 28th.

Sakurai knew that the team somehow needed to transform Tekken’s middle, high, and low fighting systems into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s location-based mechanics. While the Tekken 7 gameplay is being demonstrated. “Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros. is a location game. It’s about playing aggressively using height and distance. Your fighter’s area of ​​safety and danger depends on where they are. Another skill set Is required. “

Sakurai decided to emphasize Kazuya’s devil’s gene through thorough research. – The dormant power inherited from his mother to him and, as a result, to his son Jin Kazama.And since Heihachi has no genes Kazuya was selected as the latest fighter in the fight. Mr. Sakurai explained, “I thought that Kazuya would be successful in this game if I used the power of the devil for aerial jumps, smash attacks, and special moves and made normal attacks as similar as Tekken.” On a visual level, it’s very cool to see Kazuya spreading his wings on the spot.

Kazuya’s final smash is called the final buster. A volley of devil blaster attacks is shot from his chest in a fan-shaped pattern. Spreads are actually pretty tolerant. However, be sure to hit the first beam. If you don’t hit, the ability will fail. You can play short characters like Pikachu and dodge movements. Sakurai also definitely incorporated the characteristics of Kazuya’s fighter. “In general, he’s good at making comebacks. His attack power is very high … he’s at a disadvantage in reach and range. His attack speed is also quite slow …”

At the end of the presentation, Sakurai showed off some weird Mii fighter costumes. I also reported this here. Challenger Pack 10 will be available for $ 6 on June 29th. Do you have any plans to make it the main when Kazuya is implemented in the game? Please tell us what you think of his move below.