Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Masahiro Sakurai does not consider a sequel, but will not rule out one

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai didn’t consider a sequel to Smash Bros., but he didn’t rule out one…now.

Sakurai just announced the last fighter of Ultimate last month, Sora from Kingdom Hearts After more than three years of DLC development, people think Sakurai should take a good rest. It looks like he is doing this, but this hasn’t stopped him from speculating about the future of the Smash Bros. series.

In the first issue of a Japanese magazine FaguangAccording to reports, Sakurai said he is currently not considering a sequel to the ultimate edition Chronicles of Video Games.

“I’m not considering a sequel,” Sakurai said to Famitsu. “But I can’t say that this is definitely the last of Smash Bros.”

After each new entry in Smash Bros. was released, Sakurai made famous speculations about the future of Smash Bros., often saying that this might be his last Smash Bros. game. However, he now seems to be opening the door for a sequel.He also told Faguang Without him, he wasn’t sure if Smash Bros. had a future.

“Without me, I don’t see any way to make “Smash Bros.” Sakurai said. “To be honest, I want to leave it to others. I have actually tried it, but without success. If we continue this series, Nintendo and I need to discuss and seriously consider how to make it successful.”

The director touched on what many fans have been speculating since the release of Sora: Where does this series start? How do you surpass Ultimate, which has more than 80 characters, many of which come from franchises that are not part of Nintendo? It seems unlikely that future installments will exceed the Ultimate list, but Smash Bros. may require a more basic reorganization. This seems to be a problem that Sakurai is currently trying to solve.

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