Supernatural eve series of Star Jensen Ackles’ work

Supernatural Last November’s 15-season run ended with a big turbo hell love confession. Well, it actually ended with the death of Dean Winchester due to a flesh wound, but before that there was a big turbo super hell confession.Anyway, good news for everyone who is still stubborn Supernatural fNot satisfied ans — The first part series is in progress!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really focus on the Winchester brothers.Instead, the series, executive produced Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles and his wife Daniel Ackles focus on Dean and Sam’s parents. The show focuses on a “magnificent, unspoken love story” between John and Mary Winchester. In the main series, Mary was killed by the devil when Sam was still a baby, and her death drove John to a hunter. Mary played Samantha Smith as an adult, Amy Gumenick as a young woman, John as Jeffrey Dean Morgan as an adult, and Matt Cohen as a young adult.

This series has not yet been officially greened by CW and has a commitment to scripting.Written by former Executive Producer of Supernatural Robby Thompson. This isn’t the first time a Supernatural spin-off has been attempted. CW tried to make before PedigreeFocused on the monster world of Chicago, and Wayward Sisters, It followed a group of young women united by a supernatural tragedy. Neither panned out. I wish you the third charm!