Supernatural RPG Echo Generation arrives in late October

The role-playing supernatural adventure game Echo Generation is just in time for Halloween. On October 21, the adult story of two brothers and sisters investigating alien encounters broke out on Xbox consoles and PCs.

The last time we saw Echo Generation was during the Xbox game show in 2020, and then it was played through a limited-time demo in December last year. This is a summary. You control Dylan, his sister, and their friends and pets, who shoot their own alien movies in the summer. When an unknown object falls into the cornfield of the town, life imitates art, leading to a series of unfortunate and bizarre events to be staged throughout the town. The adults don’t seem to notice, so children need to understand what is happening. With its nostalgic 80s/90s vibe, it’s hard not to compare the vibe of Echo Generation with Stranger Things, even though the game is much stupid. You fight with raccoons in sportswear!

Echo Generation is a traditional turn-based RPG, some of which require buttons to be pressed regularly in the context of Mario RPG. You are equipped with all kinds of weapons from hockey sticks to laser pistols. Beautiful voxel art, cool monster design and the same quality of lighting enhance the charm of the game. Echo Generation is definitely a look and feel, and Series X players can enjoy it at 4K resolution and 60 fps.

Find Ech​​o Generation on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. It is priced at US$24.99 and is on the first day of launch on Xbox Game Pass.