Surprise Gungrave restart looks crazy, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Ikumi Nakamura joins the project

Nearly 20 years after the first launch of the series, the new Gungrave game was announced Earlier this year Has been officially unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show. The new trailer combines previously released CG movies and new game graphics, showing the modern style of Gungrave’s third-person shooting. Watch the video above to find out.

Ikumi Nakamura is the former artist of The Evil Within game and the former director of the upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo. She is also working for Gungrave GORE, but her role has not yet been determined.

“This collaboration with Gungrave GORE is a precious experience for me,” Nakamura said on TGS. IGN report. “I played the original version of Gungrave, so this brought back a lot of precious memories. From now on, you can look forward to more updates and other news!”

(Image source: Iggymob game)

The first part of the trailer does set a dark humorous tone, with the protagonist falling through a rocket fuel coffin into a dock full of bad guys, and slowly twisting a guy’s head before taking out his funny big pistol.

The first Gungrave game was released on PlayStation 2 in 2002, a year later than Devil May Cry. The series tells about Greve, a former member of a fictional criminal group, who rose from the dead to avenge his members and his childhood best friend.

(Image source: Iggymob game)

Although Gungrave focuses almost entirely on third-person shooting, one of its special features is the character design and the story of the manga artist and author Yasuhiro Nightow behind Trigun. Looking at Gungrave’s original PS2 cover art, or any game’s cutscenes, the similarities are immediately obvious in the nominal character’s weapons, sharp-angled faces and costumes, and other characters. The small coffin that Grave carried with him and Cross rifle Carried by Nicholas D. Wolfwood of Trigun. These games were quickly adapted into suitable anime series produced by Madhouse. Two years later, a sequel to the game was released.

The original Gungrave also adopted the machine design of Kosuke Fujishima. Kosuke Fujishima is… the long-term character designer of the JRPG series and the manga artist of Sakura Taisen and Oh My Goddess.

(Image source: Iggymob game)

It seems that the visual design has been greatly revised. This new tomb is more like a typical cold hero, but he still has many classic Gungrave accessories. He carried an oversized pistol and chained a coffin to his back so that he could slash enemies and perform other special attacks, including flamethrowers.All of this plus a giant robot to fight looks like it will tilt Nightow’s overwhelming visual style This is so common throughout Trigun.