Survival game in the landscape of trees quit Early Access November 10

After spending several years in Early Access, the beautiful “Survival among the Trees” game is ready for prime time. Developer FJRD Interactive announced today that the game will be officially launched for PC on November 10.

“In the Grove” debuted at the Game Awards in 2018 And will launch an early access version in June 2020. Set in a beautifully scenic forest, your task is to collect materials and food to survive. You will cut down trees to build a hut, and you can upgrade the hut by adding new rooms to unlock cooking, crafting, sewing and gardening. Speaking of the last mechanism, you can build a complete greenhouse to grow food to be eaten raw or used as an ingredient in recipes. You can also build a hydration system or even a brewery.

The gorgeous world includes forests and caves. Although it seems calm, it is not without danger.Predators such as bears roam in its landscape and you need to avoid these predators to prevent this return Condition. If this is too exciting for your blood, then the tranquil Zen mode allows you to enjoy the leisurely atmosphere among the trees without letting killer animals breathe on your neck. In a more friendly way, you can adopt and train companion foxes to help you find valuable resources.

FJRD stated that it plans to continue fixing bugs throughout the year. In addition, don’t expect any new important features or content. After working on In the Grove for five years, the team is happy to be able to release it to 1.0 and begin the transition to other projects.

“In the Grove” will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store for $14.99.