SweetTooth comic creator Jeffremia is working on a major change in Netflix programming

Netflix Sweet teeth A surprising departure from the source material for the comic series written and drawn by Jeff Remia. But unlike most cartoon adaptations that change dramatically with transfer, it’s not about the simplified character origin or costume tweaks.

Sweet teeth The incarnation of the television has a very different tone. It’s still a half-human half-deer boy named Gus, who joined the globally tired bounty hunter and stepped out of his childhood sanctuary into the big and dangerous post-apocalyptic world. , Much brighter and more hopeful than 2009, the comic series of the same name.

It’s ideal for Remia.

Polygon spoke to the writer-artist through Zoom, where he knows that the story tends to change in the process, given his own experience of adapting other work to television. Sweet teeth Some of these differences, without exception, are cartoons about the collapse of civilization caused by viruses and the transformation of human children into persecuted animal hybrids into a lighter television series than his original. Made naturally.

“In contrast to this lush photo in New Zealand, my drawing style is pretty tough, isn’t it?” He said with a laugh. “That alone makes a visual difference. It’s pretty dramatic. And, obviously, violence is much more suggested in the show than in the comics. […] In fact, you can show things pictorially on the paper around you, which you feel is more appropriate or acceptable than if you had a child actor. [around] Same level of violence.It can be much more shocking [in live action], And not always a good way. ”

But above all, according to Remia Sweet teeth It’s more colorful and optimistic on television as pop culture has embraced dark post-apocalyptic stories since the comics first hit the shelves.

Cover gas Sweet teeth # 9 (2010).
Image: Jeff Lemire / DC Comics

2009, Sweet teeth It was a way to mark the science fiction sub-genre that Remia enthusiastically devoured during her growth. “That is, it’s only 12 years or something, but the world has changed a lot in those 12 years. Since then, a lot of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction has been displayed on the screen. [Mickle, who created the Sweet Tooth series,] If we were going to do apocalyptic things on TV, you felt you needed to find a new angle to it, and I agreed, otherwise some of that visual language would be a little tired You will start to feel. ”

He also feels burned out in his apocalypse as a fan, not just a creator. “I liked it growing, but I don’t realize I’m looking for it anymore. […] I like the show to feel like a fresh take. It’s like a cozy place to go. And, of course, there is also the perspective of living over the actual pandemic and the changes it imposes on society.First episode of Sweet teeth Filmed in 2019, the crew could only return to New Zealand to continue filming in the fall of 2020.

And like the main character of the trip, Sweet teeth The TV series strives to discover something new in an already well-cleaned environment.

“”[We were] Think of it as the post-apocalyptic world, “Remia said. “You’re out of ugliness and the world is starting to return to nature. It seemed to fit very well with the themes already built into the story. […] I think there is still a lot of darkness in the show. It is simply presented in another way. Similarly, comics have many minds and are probably presented in slightly different ways. After all, it’s all the same character and they’re all going to hit the same story beat.They may get there in other ways or add new characters and things, but overall, it really feels like it’s still there. Sweet teeth I’m really happy. ”

But the best part of having something sweeter Sweet teeth On Netflix, its creator is to share it with his son, Gus, who was born when he was working on the first few issues. Sweet teeth Comic.

“Now my gas is basically the same age as the character’s gas and has survived the pandemic,” Remia told Polygon. “So that’s the weirdest thing, but you can sit there and see it with him, and it’s cool for him to ask me about it.” Is this in the book? That Is the part in the book? “And only I explain,” Oh, this part was in the book, and that part was a little different. ” “